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FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Rogetsu Kagura is a festival held once every ten years on Rogetsu Isle in southern Japan.

During the festival, five girls mysteriously disappeared. The girls were rescued by a detective, but all of their memories were lost.

One of the girls that disappeared mysteriously, Ruka Minazuki, had a faint memory of a single melody…

Ten years later, two of the girls that mysteriously disappeared were killed one after another.

Determined to solve the mystery of their friends' deaths, the remaining girls, Misaki and Madoka, agree to travel to Rogetsu Isle.

Ruka decides to follow them to the island. Will they find out what lies beyond their lost memories?


FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Ruka Minazuki

A 17 year old girl from Rogetsu Isle that is learning to play the piano. She has lost all memories of her life before her mysterious disappearance.

Whenever she plays the only melody she can remember, fragments of her lost memories come back to her. Beyond those memories... the house where she was born, her father, and herself...

She travels to Rogetsu Isle, ignoring her mother Sayaka's warning, in order to recover what she has lost.

Misaki Aso

A selfish and strong-willed 17 year old girl.

She is one of the five people who mysteriously disappeared, and a descendant of Dr. Kunihiko Aso, the creator of the Camera Obscura.

"You will return...to Rogetsu Isle..."
Guided by the words of a girl dressed in black reflected in a mirror, she heads to Rogetsu Isle with Madoka.

Madoka Tsukimori

A timid 17 year old girl who tends to do what Misaki says.

She is worried about the change in Misaki's behavior after Tomoe Nanamura and Marie Shinomiya died one after the other.

Choshiro Kirishima

A private detective.

When he worked with the police, he tracked down Yo Haibara, a suspect in a series of murders. When he traveled to Rogetsu Isle, he encountered the case of mysterious disappearings and found the girls.

At the request of Sayaka, with whom he had become acquainted through this incident, he sets off for Rogetsu Isle to track down Ruka.

Sayaka Minazuki

Ruka's mother. Former last name is Yomotsuki. She is very weak and bedridden most of the time.

When she found out that her husband Soya was involved in Ruka's disappearance, she left him and moved to the main island of Japan.

They clashed on every occasion, partly because Soya had put a mask on Ruka's face.

Soya Yomotsuki

Father of Ruka and ex-husband of Sayaka. He is a mask-maker who makes masks for the Rogetsu Kagura, a festival to comfort the dead.

He is pursuing the path of making masks, and was a strict father to Ruka when she was a child. He is obsessed with perfecting the "Mask of the Lunar Eclipse", the ultimate mask made by his ancestor, Soetsu.

Yo Haibara

A slender man with cold eyes that seem to see through everything, and the son of Shigeto Haibara.

He is a native of Rogetsu Isle, and established the Haibara Clinic in Tokyo.

He is wanted for a human experiment that turned into murder at his clinic. Kirishima, the detective who was in charge of the case, is after him.

Shigeto Haibara

Director of the Haibara Infirmary and an economically powerful man of Rogetsu Isle. He is also the head of the island and the priest in charge of the Rogetsu Kagura.

He has a soft spot for his son Yo, and has granted his wish to have a hospital on the mainland.

Girl dressed in black

A girl dressed in black who is visible only to Misaki Aso.

She often appears in front of Misaki and asks her if she has forgotten about her.


A girl with Moonlight Syndrome.

She was admitted to the Haibara Infirmary by Shigeto Haibara, the director of the infirmary.

She has a very brutal personality and troubles the nurses with her over-the-top pranks, such as hurting others with a knife.


FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Main Systems

When the protagonists were children, they visited the isolated island of 'Rogetsu Isle' to celebrate the Rogetsu Festival. In the midst of the celebrations, they suddenly disappeared. The game begins when the girls decide to go back and visit the island again in search of their lost memories of that day.

Attempt to repel encroaching ghosts, relying solely on the faint glow of a flashlight and the Camera Obscura; a camera with the ability to photograph unimaginable things.


FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse


FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

TitleFATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
PlatformsNintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4
Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/ Steam®

*Only available digitally.
*Any users that purchased the PlayStation®4 version of FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse can upgrade to the PlayStation®︎5 version at no additional cost.
*Internet connection is required for upgrade.
*Gyro features are not available for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam versions.
*The Nintendo Switch™ version is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite™.

GenreJapanese Horror Adventure
Release DateMarch 9, 2023
(Violence, Blood and Gore, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Language)
*This title does not include the Ruka "Zero Suit Samus" costume or the Misaki "Luigi" costume from the Wii version.
Platform: Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Steam®