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A carefree, cozy RPG adventure where Marie,
a subpar student, aims to graduate,
as she tries to navigate alchemy,
adventures and requests.
"Atelier Marie", the origin of the "Atelier" series, has been fully reimagined as a
carefree, cozy RPG adventure with many new elements included!
A perfect introduction to the series that new players can enjoy.


Marlone (Marie)
CV:Haruna Ikezawa
“Make fun of me, will you?!
Have a taste of my secret weapon!”
The main character.
In order to become an alchemist, she arrives on her own from the countryside to Salburg, the capital of the Schigsal Kingdom.
She is a subpar student at the Royal Academy of Magic (known simply as the “academy”), achieving the lowest grades since its establishment. A tomboyish and careless personality.
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“I'm selling various items from the forest.
Want to buy one?”
Many fairies live in a forest near Salburg.
One thing led to another and they began helping Marie with her work.
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“If it is of adequate quality,
you will graduate. But if it's not...
Well, I'm sure you get the picture.”
One of the teachers at the academy and Marie's mentor. Originally from the continent of El Bador, located across the sea. She has a great ability in magic research and treats Marie with both kindness and strictness.
Schea Donnerstag
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“I heard that you opened your shop, Marie, and came to congratulate you.
It's a lovely shop.”
Marie's childhood best friend. The only daughter of one of the top five wealthiest families in Salburg.
She has a quiet and gentle personality, and has always been there to help Marie whenever she's in trouble.

Enderk Yard
CV:Jurota Kosugi
“Apologies, but I am too busy to accompany you.”
The captain of the royal knights for Schigsal Kingdom.
He is a reserved young man and known as the strongest in the kingdom.
Rumored to have come from far away across the sea because of his long jet-black hair and eyes, which are rarely seen in this country.By chance, he becomes involved in Marie's life.


Start the day in the atelier♪ Learn many recipes to synthesize tools and medicines.
Running out of materials? Not to worry! Go out gathering and you should be able to collect them.
Oh no, monsters have appeared in gathering areas! Hire adventurers in town and defeat the monsters together.

New Features

【Unlimited Mode】
▶ Play at your own pace!
In this mode, players can play without the deadline to "graduate in five years", enabling those who want to enjoy a relaxing atelier life to play the game at their own pace.
【Social Events】
▶ Dig deeper into the charm of the characters!
Additional events allow the player to interact with main characters.
New events will show fresh personality aspects and charms that has not previously been seen in the original game.
【Professor Ingrid's Task】
▶ When you don't know what to do next!
Tasks that act as a guide on your way to success.
Immediately solve the question "what should I do next?", a unique feature for RPGs with a high degree of freedom.


Standard Edition

Digital Version

PS5™ / PS4™ /
Nintendo Switch™ / Steam®

  • Artworks are sample images and are not final.

Digital Deluxe

PS5™ / PS4™ /
Nintendo Switch™ / Steam®


  • Full original game “Atelier Marie Plus: The Alchemist of Salburg” included!
  • Gust Extra BGM Pack
  • "Another Look" Costume Set(Set of 33)
  • Artworks are sample images and are not final.
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition is only available digitally.
  • Costumes from the “Another Look” Costume Set can only be utilized for characters that have joined your party.
  • "Atelier Marie Plus" can be launched from the title screen of the main game.
  • The base game and the Digital Deluxe Upgrade are also available separately. Please be careful when purchasing

Digital pre-order bonus

Useful Items Set


  • Bomb ×10
  • Craft ×10
  • Magic Herb ×20
  • Hebel Water ×20
  • Kanone Rock ×20
  • Artworks are sample images and are not final.
  • The digital pre-order bonus is available to those who pre-order the standard version (digital only) or Digital Deluxe Edition by 7/12/2023.
  • The bonus content can be redeemed after returning to the atelier upon completing the tutorial quests.
*About the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 versions
This product entitles you to download both the digital PS4™ version and the digital PS5™ version of this game.
Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg
PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 /
Nintendo Switch™ / Steam®
Leisure Adventure RPG