Titles span the range of RPG games, action RPG games, and other collaboration titles.



Developer of role-playing games, such as the Atelier series, the Surge Concerto series, the Nights of Azure series, and the BLUE REFLECTION series. Gust has collaborated with manga series on titles like “Fairy Tail”.

Atelier Series – The Atelier series sports the popular “Synthesizing” system that allows players to mix ingredients together to create a new item. The music adorning this original world and story have been highly loved and the game has been followed by fans from 1997.


Nights of Azure Series – An action RPG combining the alluring characters that Gust is known for with a number of action elements.


BLUE REFLECTION Series – “BLUE REFLECTION” has given birth to a new genre of gaming: the Heroic RPG, in which daily student life meets with the extraordinary life of fighting against demons.