Omega Force

Titles span the range of hack-and-slash games, hunting action games, and other genres.



Developer of the Warriors series, including “Dynasty Warriors” and “Samurai Warriors” and the hunting action game “Toukiden.” The studio has collaborated with manga series and other game publishers on titles like “Attack on Titan”/”A.O.T.”, “Hyrule Warriors”, “Fire Emblem”, “Dragon Quest”, “Berserk” and more.

Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors – The Musou series, also known as the Warriors series, uses the latest technical advances to provide “the thrill of 1 vs. 1,000”. This series, which has become its own unique genre, has sold over 42 million copies worldwide and is enjoyed by gamers all across the globe.


Warriors Orochi 4 – “Warriors Orochi 4” is a tactical action game depicting the clash between heroes from the “Dynasty Warriors” series and the “Samurai Warriors” series.


Attack on Titan 2 – “Attack on Titan 2” is a tactical hunting action game based on the extremely popular animation Attack on Titan that maintains the original work’s world view.


Toukiden – In 2013, we determined to add to our success with the Warriors series and create a new pillar for the company. This resulted in the first of the “Toukiden” series, a slightly different type of hunting action game set in a Japan based world with a grand story and appealing characters.


Collaborative titles – We have worked on a number of collaborations with popular titles such as “BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk”. Not only do we faithfully re-create the unique environments of the original titless, we also use our KOEI TECMO knowhow to create games that have gotten high evaluations.