When was the first love of Korean actors?

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Lee Je Hoon was once noticed with the movie Taxi Driver. After the movie was broadcast, the actor’s private life was also interested. Beauty magazine published an article about Lee Je Hoon’s first love and a series of male stars. According to the actor, he had his first girlfriend in his sophomore year of college. “I had my first kiss in the park. At that time, my love was very innocent,” he said. Photo: Saram Entertainment.

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Hyun Bin had his first love in high school. The two met through a mutual friend’s trip. According to Beauty, the movie star Landing where he had a pure first love. They often chat on the phone, sometimes dating. “Hyun Bin shows a quiet but deep love. He often buys food to send to his girlfriend’s house, taking care of his lover’s preferences,” Beauty magazine said. Photo: Vast Entertainment.

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Song Joong Ki had a first love in his third year of college. The actor dated his girlfriend for 103 days, then broke up. The social network once spread a photo of the actor Descendants of the Sun taken with his first love. In an interview promoting the movie The Good Guy, the actor said: “I heard that my first love is married, I still haven’t forgotten her”. However, the movie star Vincenzo emphasizes that the first love is very memorable, but in a nostalgic way. Photo: tvN.

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On a variety show, Gong Yoo revealed his first love happened during his freshman year of college. With the help of a friend, the Train to Busan star got her phone number and went on a date with the school beauty next door. According to Beauty, the actor is tense when facing the opposite sex. In the end, they couldn’t get far. During the reunion on KBS’s TV Love, Gong Yoo’s ex-girlfriend revealed that at that time she only focused on studying and did not want to date even though the actor was a kind person. Photo: Management Snoop.

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Park Seo Joon had a first love in high school. The actor fell in love with the girl for two years. According to Beauty, the movie star Itaewon Class used to go to school early, even putting gifts in the desk drawer to please his girlfriend. The two dated for a year but only held hands. Photo: Awesome Entertainment.

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Lee Jong Suk had his first love at the age of 15. The two are the same age, attend the same school, and fall in love. In the show One Night of TV Entertainment, the actor said that he and his girlfriend maintained a relationship until the age of 20. Movie star When she sleeps shared that his girlfriend is an educated beauty. Currently, the two still keep in touch despite their separate ways. Photo: YG Entertainment.

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