Park Min Young’s 5 hottest K-drama kisses that show off her sizzling chemistry with male co-stars

Park Min Young is known as one of the best kissers among K-drama actresses.

Park Min Young isn’t dubbed the “Queen of rom-com” for nothing. Not only is she loved for her natural acting, good eye for picking scripts, Park Min Young is also famous as a good kisser in K-drama land. She often boasts extremely heart-fluttering and convincing chemistry with her male co-stars, especially in steamy kiss scenes.

Park Min Young J.ESTINA

Park Min Young is the “queen of chemistry” 

Legendary bed kiss scene with Park Seo Joon

A top-tier kiss scene of Park Min Young is without doubt the iconic bed kiss scene with Park Seo Joon in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” (2018). The romantic tension between the two during this steamy kiss is off the charts.

Park Min Young’s legendary bed kiss scene with Park Seo Joon

On tvN’s Youtube channel, the video of the legendary kiss of the Park – Park couple has surpassed 333 million views, showing how crazy viewers are about this scene.

Confession kiss scene with Kim Jae Wook

In “Her Private Life” (2019), Park Min Young plays Sung Deok Mi, a hardcore fangirl who is entangled in dating rumors with her idol. To help Sung Deok Mi, Ryan (Kim Jae Wook), the director at the art gallery where Deok Minworks, suggests the two pretend to be dating. They end up developing actual feelings for each other.

Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook’s confession kiss scene

In the scene where Ryan expresses his wish to date Deok Mi for real, the two share a passionate kiss. At this moment, a security guard knocks on the door to check if there is anyone left in the room, but this does not stop the couple from getting off each other.

Sofa kiss scene with Go Kyung Pyo

Park Min Young’s latest drama “Love In Contract” is attracting much attention. It depicts an interesting love story between a judge who specializes in divorce cases, Jung Ji Ho, (Go Kyung Pyo) and a woman who works as a marriage contractor (Park Min Young).

Park Min Young’s kiss scene on the sofa with Go Kyung Pyo

In episode 11, the two share a passionate kiss lasting up to 41 seconds on the sofa. This scene drives viewers insane and makes them look forward to even more love scenes between Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo in the final episodes.

Bed kiss scene with Song Kang

In 2022, before “Love In Contract”, Park Min Young starred in another rom-com, “Forecasting Love and Weather”, in which she became an on-screen couple with younger male co-star Song Kang. Right at the beginning of the drama, their characters kissed each other passionately and slept together after getting drunk together.

Park Min Young’s bed kiss scene with Song Kang

Kiss scene in the snow with Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young worked together in “Healer” (2014). The two were shipped by many viewers because of their amazing chemistry in the drama. One of the most popular scenes is their kiss under the snow.

Park Min Young’s kiss scene in the snow with Ji Chang Wook

Not as intense as the above K-drama kisses of Park Min Young, but her kiss with Ji Chang Wook still overflows with emotions and romantic feelings.

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