Hyun Bin was ‘captured’ when he went on a date with a Korean hotgirl, the girl was an acquaintance of Song Joong Ki

New information about Hyun Bin received great attention from netizens.

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is one of the most popular couples in the Korean entertainment industry. At the end of March 2022, the couple welcomed their first son in the warm blessing of colleagues and radio viewers. Currently, information about Hyun Bin and his wife is still receiving great attention from netizens. Recently, Hyun Bin was “caught alive” when he was dating and eating with “ex-girlfriend” Song Joong Ki.

After the wedding of the century, Son Ye Jin wholeheartedly retired to take care of her small family, and Hyun Bin continued to participate in filming for previously confirmed movie projects. After Transnational Agent, Negotiate, Hyun Bin has just finished filming for director Woo Min Ho’s major production movie – Harbin. The film has closed, waiting for the release date of the global audience.

Closing photo of Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook and the Harbin crew.

Recently, netizens spread information that Hyun Bin had an intimate meeting with Jeon Yeo Been, Sung Hoon of the Harbin movie crew. Accordingly, the actors invited each other to eat and drink, and left autographs at a Chinese restaurant. It is known that the meeting took place on May 9, and the 3 participating actors have not shared the happy moments of that day on social networks.

Hyun Bin, Jeon Yeo Been, Sung Hoon left autographs at a Chinese restaurant.

The above information received much attention and discussion from the audience. In the comments section, many people think that the actors are taking advantage of their free time to meet and complete the final stages of Harbin before bringing the project to theaters. Besides, the public also praised the good relationship between Hyun Bin and his colleagues.

The audience has high expectations for the collaboration between Hyun Bin and Jeon Yeo Bin in Harbin.

After Harbin, Hyun Bin has not joined the new crew, he spends his time participating in brand events, taking care of his small family. As for Son Ye Jin, she has just confirmed that she will return to the film race after about half a year of giving birth.

Currently, the “national first love” of Korea is in the process of reading the script and has not made an official decision. According to the previous announcement from Son Ye Jin’s management company, in this comeback, she is not picky about dramas or movies.

Source: Star

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