Hyun Bin Forgot BTS Jimin’s Name During A Speed Game And His Reaction Is Hilarious

On September 9 KST, the cast of Confidential Assignment 2: International appeared on the popular game show The Game Caterers, hosted by Na PD. Following the show’s format, the guests played a speed game where the host showed them pictures of popular Korean celebrities, and the players had to identify them within a few seconds. When it was Hyun Bin‘s turn, Na PD held up a picture of BTS’s Jimin, but he had a brain freeze immediately.

The cast broke out in laughter as Hyun Bin sat there agape, trying to grasp what just happened. His co-star, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona teased him, saying, “Oppawill you be okay?” Though he managed to remember Jimin’s name just a moment later, Hyun Bin was so embarrassed that he told Na PD to blur out his face.

When he let out a nervous sigh and said, “It’s getting hot,” Na PD consoled him, saying that the next time he plays this game with Jimin, he will show him Hyun Bin’s picture and make sure he too forgets the answer so that the two become even.

Though Hyun Bin might have been worried about ARMYs’ reaction to this no-thoughts-head-empty moment, they found the clip hilarious. Some fans also brought up the clip of Jimin forgetting the name of Son Heung Min when BTS played the same game with Na PD. The rest of the members roasted him for not recognizing the star footballer.

Source: Koreaboo

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