Hyun Bin and Song Seung Hun under normal camera: Will it cause disappointment?

Recent images of the two top male actors in the land of kimchi show their true beauty at the age of 40.

Recently, Song Seung Hun was caught filming on the street. Some photos taken at the scene show the 46-year-old actor wearing a shirt and trousers. It can be seen that the outdoor filming is quite hard, so Song Seung Hun’s face is somewhat contorted. However, he maintained a professional attitude throughout the recording.

hyun bin, song seung hun, sao hàn

Song Seung Hun under the lens of passersby.

Under the lens of passersby, Song Seung Hun looks cool. However, because of the shooting angle, his legs are quite short.

hyun bin, song seung hun, sao hàn
The actor “Autumn Heart” is young and beautiful at the age of 46.

Another character that is equally noticed is Hyun Bin. On May 24, he attended a promotional event for the brand. Using bright clothes, Son Ye Jin’s husband attracts attention thanks to his handsome appearance and dimpled smile.

hyun bin, song seung hun, sao hàn
Hyun Bin in the picture is not edited.

The unedited photo shows that Hyun Bin is in relatively good shape. At the age of 40, he is still full of manliness, but when he smiles, he reveals a lot of wrinkles in the mouth and eyes.

hyun bin, song seung hun, sao hàn

hyun bin, song seung hun, sao hàn
This father-of-one tube reveals wrinkles when smiling.

When put on the comparison scale, netizens leaned towards Song Seung Hun. Despite being 6 years older than Hyun Bin, Seung Hun is dashing and younger than his juniors. Perhaps because he is single, Song Seung Hun has such a youthful face and body.

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