Here Are 6 Ways Jimin Has Changed Since The Beginning Of BTS

Jimin has evolved in many ways since the beginning of his career as a BTS member. Check out some of the most notable differences below that allowed him to become the man he is today!

1. He realized he doesn’t have to pretend to be strong.

When Jimin reflected on his past self, he revealed that he put a lot of energy into appearing tough and cool. Nowadays, he acts more natural and accepts himself as he is.

2. He’s a lot less anxious than he was before.

V revealed that Jimin’s anxiety towards the beginning of BTS made him quite sensitive, which started a lot of arguments. Now, he’s overcome this and the two get along great together.

3. He’s become more relaxed.

I’ve become a lot more relaxed. I think it’s a good thing though. It means I’ve learned to slow down and take things easy sometimes.

— Jimin/Japan FC Interview

4. He handles his mistakes better.

Previously, when Jimin would make a mistake, it would weigh on him emotionally.

Now, he’s gotten much better at accepting that he won’t always be perfect.

5. He is now able to express himself better.

As Jimin previously mentioned, he’s ditched the “tough guy” persona and is now able to express himself through BTS’s current music.

6. He’s learning how to love himself.

I realized that we’ve been telling people to really love themselves and telling them to be stronger. This year, I began to tell myself these things as well, and convincing myself that this is also something I need to keep in mind.

— Jimin/Rolling Stone

Source: Koreaboo


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